nourish events LA

At Nourish Events LA we are strong believers that people who spend time being creative are often the most nourished people. There is something about learning a new skill or creating something beautiful with your hands or your words that we think is really good for the soul.

Perhaps, for some of us, it's even essential to our happiness.

We think being creative opens the mind to think in new directions and unforeseen ways. After all, it was a calligraphy class that first piqued Steve Jobs' interest in design. It is by keeping our creative intellects engaged and feeding this part of ourselves that we are able to imagine a future that looks different than today.

Our team produces workshops, retreats, and curated parties designed to nurture the soul through community, creativity, and authentic conversation.

We provide opportunities for our guests to connect with inspiring minds, reignite their creative capacities, and reimagine more nourished ways of living.

We're looking forward to meeting you, learning your story, and inviting you to get nourished with us.


With love,