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Bon Voyage to Summer Beach Picnic

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As woman entrepreneurs, nothing makes us happier than to also work with inspiring women such as the savvy biz women we partnered up with for our most recent Nourished Circle gathering, a Bon Voyage to Summer Beach Picnic. With their different talents and passions, these LA-based women are killing it and making waves as badass girlbosses.

Meet the women!

Cansu Cansever With a free spirit, warm heart, and contagious smile her presence exudes an undeniable light. She was born in the U.S., raised in Turkey, and as an adult moved back and settled in sunny LA. She combined her passions for Turkey, design, and all things pretty, and founded The Handloom. She’s an artist at heart and the creative behind The Handloom. Inspired by nature and culture, she designs textiles such as towels, blankets, and apparel here at home and manufactures them in Turkey where they’re handcrafted in the native handloom technique using only the best quality materials. We love her Turkish Towels, they’re absolutely beautiful, and we simply had to include them in our Nourish Gift Boxes.  Did we mention she is an avid snowboarder? This chick is beyond impressive!

Cansu Canserver

With a free spirit, warm heart, and contagious smile her presence exudes an undeniable light. She was born in the U.S., raised in Turkey, and as an adult moved back and settled in sunny LA. She combined her passions for Turkey, design, and all things pretty, and founded The Handloom. She’s an artist at heart and the creative behind The Handloom. Inspired by nature and culture, she designs textiles such as towels, blankets, and apparel here at home and manufactures them in Turkey where they’re handcrafted in the native handloom technique using only the best quality materials. We love her Turkish Towels, they’re absolutely beautiful, and we simply had to include them in our Nourish Gift Boxes.  

Did we mention she is an avid snowboarder? This chick is beyond impressive! 

The Handloom


Natasha Case and Freya Estreller

They are power couple who as young women had a dream of creating their own ice cream empire. It all seemed to come together for them when they created Coolhaus; they blended their interests and passions having architecture and design as professional backgrounds, and a common love for sweets. They literally built “cool” “houses”, cleverly named after their beloved modern architecture movement Bauhaus from the 1920’s & 1930’s and an influential Dutch architect named Rem Koolhaas. This is how their famous “sammies” came to be and enjoyed all over the states. They’ve creatively built an extraordinary company and their magic shows through their curiosity and intrigue in other biz ventures, most recelntly Freya venturing off with Ludlows Cocktails, a new brand. Now in their early thirties, married, and with the cutest baby boy Remy, life can’t seem to get any better for these two!


Alyssa Carino A photographer of great stories - love and life. An eager explorer at heart and a tea lover over all (add croissant connoisseur). This San Diego native made the move to LA and roams back and forth following adventure and inspiration. Photography stole her heart at a very young age and since then has created DearFox, a dream come true for her that allows her to do what she loves best, documenting other’s stories.

Alyssa Carino

A photographer of great stories - love and life. An eager explorer at heart and a tea lover over all (add croissant connoisseur). This San Diego native made the move to LA and roams back and forth following adventure and inspiration. Photography stole her heart at a very young age and since then has created DearFox, a dream come true for her that allows her to do what she loves best, documenting other’s stories.

Dear Fox


Ana Dahlman-Sunshine Dreaming.jpg

Ana Dahlman

This NYC born beauty is a true ray of sunshine and has most recently made LA her home. Her travels have taken her to many corners of the world and has lived abroad in Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Australia. She is an established fashion stylist and now founder of Sunshine Dreaming. She is the creator and designer of the sun pillow. How come no one had thought about this idea before? It’s a portable pillow that you can easily take anywhere and has multi-purpose uses, great for the beach, grass, mountains, or really anywhere. Inspired by her travels and with her brilliant eye for fashion, she designs them using different textures and beautiful colors. She’s quite the go-getter!

Sunshine Dreaming

Josetta + Cathy.JPG

Josetta Sbeglia + Cathy Benavides

This co-founder duo, also aunt and niece, was inspired and driven to create The Global Trunk, a company they conceived to showcase and support the textile arts of indigenous artisans all over the world. Enchanted by the Mayan culture during their early travels starting in 2011, they fell in love with the traditional back strap woven and hand embroidered textiles made by generations of the local women. Highlighting the importance of fair-trade practices, they work directly with indigenous artisans creating a platform that supports their native culture and beautiful textiles by repurposing many of their vintage textiles and making gorgeous pillows for the contemporary home.

Not only are they smart biz women, they also donate a percentage of their profits to the Amigos De Jaibalito Foundation in Guatemala. We champion women biz owners with a great mission and lots of heart!

The Global Trunk

One Whole Life

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Everyone meet Lindsey Erin – someone you definitely want to know! She is an established photographer, designer, private chef, artist, and an innovative entrepreneur among many other great things. This woman seems to do it all, she’s quite inspiring to say the least. We are so happy to collaborate with her and announce that Lindsey will be a sponsor for our upcoming Nourished Hot Mamas workshop where she will be serving some of her incredible smoothies. We can’t wait to share them and workout our cores with you and Julie Turner, our instructor and movement extraordinaire!

Lindsey’s taken her skills as a chef to another level and has created her own company called OWL Venice. One Whole Life. I love the name because it’s a reminder that our life is one.  We only get one chance to live, to prosper, to create, to love, and to live this wonderful thing called life. And shouldn’t we do it to our best ability and enjoy the ride with great health? Our health is the most valuable thing we can posses, without it we wouldn’t be able to live one whole happy life.

Six years ago, after Lindsey’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her own health took a dive due to digestive issues and allergies, Lindsey began her journey searching for holistic nutrition that would minimize the risk of disease. This is how OWL was created and how it grew from Lindsey’s insatiable curiosity to find healthy foods that would help us live rich and vibrant lives. OWL sells plant-based, organic, and locally sourced food products online, but occasionally you’ll also find Lindsey with the OWL team at local farmer’s markets. OWL features tasty elixirs, cleanses, and deliciously prepared meals that are anti-inflammatory and rich with protein and vitamins. After much nutritional research, she’s managed to create the perfect elixirs to keep our bodies feeling their best. Her elixirs are bone broths that are stewed for endless hours, with a dash of spices, and a pinch of love. They have been a great success in improving digestion and have become OWL’s signature flagship product. We champion Lindsey for her accomplishments and many talents. Make sure to visit her website (you won’t regret it) as it can change your life.  Remember, we only get one!

Cheers to living well!



In the Moment, A Watercolor Workshop

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We had the pleasure of attending Satsuki Shibuya’s solo exhibition, FLOW, at the beautifully curated boutique Poketo last summer and we knew then that we had to collaborate at some future time. Well, with her upcoming book Moment the timing couldn’t be more perfect! 

We are so thrilled to team up with Satsuki in our upcoming workshop, In the Moment, A Watercolor Workshop, happening on August 6th. Satsuki is a super talented artist with instillations and exhibits displayed in the United States and abroad. She transmits her energy into her paintings, which gives them light, life, and movement. What we love most about her paintings is how they inspire us to reflect on ourselves and contemplate on the way we want to live our lives. 

In our workshop Satsuki will speak and teach us about the importance of being present when we create art and to truly experience each moment we live. She has a kindred spirit and a beautiful heart. We can’t wait to see her process at work, join us!

Make sure you follow Satsuki and be delighted by her paintings everyday @satsukishibuya. You’re sure to get inspired to create beautiful things and make you smile!


February in LA: Creative Event Round-Up

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February 2016 Events Blog.jpg

February 4 // Reclaim the Love Letter with Sugar Paper
In our digital age, many of us don't take the time to write thoughtful love letters. But we think this is such a beautiful part of any relationship. So this Valentines we’re teaming up with Sugar Paper to bring it all back. It will be a candlelit evening accented by sweets and champagne. And perhaps best of all, it will be hosted at Sugar Paper’s Santa Monica studio, where all of their letterpressed magic comes to life. 

February 6// Nicole Miyuki Brush Lettering Workshop
February is the month of romantic gestures, and what better way than to get into the romantic mindset than practicing your hand at calligraphy! Nicole Miyuki is leading a beginner’s lettering class that will focus on creating gorgeous words in your own unique style and learning her ombre technique. We hope to see our instagram filled with all your pretty letters after February 6th!

February 6  // Introduction to Lightroom
Learn how to use Lightroom in this fabulous workshop for digital photography put on by Chana Messer. Chana will reference her 30+ years of experience in the digital design field during this hands-on computer experience. Bring your laptop, learning cap, and love for photography to the session, we can’t wait to see all your pretty pictures!

February 13// Surface Printing Workshop
Have we mentioned how much we love Poketo? well, just in case: We love Poketo. And we’re so excited about Swedish designer Lotta Jansdotter’s printmaking class. Not only will she help the group make some beautiful prints (on notecards, scarves, bags…) but she’ll also send you home with your own printmaking kit! Definitely an event to add to your calendar. 

February 13// Imbibe Mixology Party
Do something different this year for Valentines. Grab your love (or a group of your friends) and come learn how to craft the perfect cocktail with Pharmacie. Then join us for the afterparty with our friends from Queue DJ. It'll be a night full of laughter and fun with a bunch of great people. Each guest will go home with everything they need to outfit their barcart, a handful of new friends, and mixology skills to make five essential cocktails: Moscow Mules, Martinis, Margaritas, Old-Fashioneds, and Mojitos. 

February 27 + 28  // Pen to Press
So you’ve created a piece of original art and you’re not sure how to turn it into the professional piece you need it to be -- Pen to Press is here to help with their all-encompassing workshop. In this weekend course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of PR image production. We can’t wait to see the amazing pieces you come out with!

Happiest of Holidays

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Holiday Events in LA.jpg

December 5  // Pharmacie Cocktail Workshop
Learn to mix the perfect cocktail just in time for your holiday party. There isn't anyone better to learn from than Talmadge Lowe of Pharmacie. He and his lineup of dapper assistants cater all the swanky parties around town.

December 12 + 13  // Renegade Craft Fair
For the past few years this has been our go-to place to find unique, handmade holiday gifts. From ceramics and prints to woodwork and jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect thing for all of the people on your list.

December 18-20 // Los Angeles Ballet: The Nutcracker
Since I was a girl, my mom and I have gone to the ballet nearly every Christmas. Some years we'd see The Nutcracker, some years The Snow Queen, but either way it was always one of my favorite things about the season. Dressing up in my Christmas dress, wrapping up in my peacoat, and walking through a twinkling main street covered in snowflakes with my mom-- it was a magical part of my holiday. 

December 18  // Holiday Organ Spectacular
There is no place more enchanting in this city than the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Holiday Organ Spectacular sounds like a beautiful event. Tree-trimming beforehand and champagne cocktails after would make for a perfect day. 

The Communal Table

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Sometimes months pass before we realize we haven't seen our friends in far too long. We live in a society that prizes slowness but never allow ourselves the luxury. Many of us have too much on our plates, and the first thing that gets cut from our busy schedules are the very people that add joy and laughter to our days. 

Eventually enough is enough. You set a date, send out invitations, and begin planning a dinner— a time to gather your favorite people around the table. 

On the day of the event, you throw your hair up in a ponytail, crank the jazz in your kitchen, and cook the afternoon away. 

The table is set, the food is simmering, and slowly the usual suspects start trickling in. You pour the wine as chatter fills your apartment. Oh, how you’ve missed those voices!

You get a warm feeling as you look at the faces surrounding you. You realize what you’ve brought together: a small community of people who cherish and champion one another. Throughout the night, laughs abound, beautiful moments are shared, wine flows, and the food dances around the table. 

We’ve been thinking about this a lot lately with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Why is it, we wonder, that we only make it a priority to gather around the table with our favorite people and enjoy a meal made slowly, with delight and love one day each year?

Our warmest wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving celebration to you all, and don’t forget that you can cultivate that feeling any day of the year. You don’t have to wait until next November for another chance.



Creative Events in LA - November 2015

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Creative Events Around LA in November 2015

All Month // The Rain Room at LACMA
Finally us westsiders can experience what all of our New Yorker friends were raving about: The Rain Room. This installation allows you to experience the nearly impossible: the ability to walk through a rainstorm without getting wet. It'll be up until March, but it is bound to get busy-- very busy. We suggest scooting over there before everyone discovers it is here.

November 3  // Women's Breathwork Circle
Ashley Neese, a certified breathwork and meditation teacher, is leading an evening gathering in Silverlake for an intimate group of women. She says, "this gathering is an invitation to slow down, take really good care of yourself and be witnessed in powerful ways." We think it sounds rejuvenating and healing, the perfect opportunity to slow down and practice self-care.

November 5 // Cheryl Strayed @ Vroman's Bookstore
This is a lady we can't get enough of. This month she'll be discussing her new book Brave Enough at an event hosted by Vroman's Bookstore. It is a ticketed event, and it looks like tickets have already sold out, but keep your eyes peeled in case they open up a few more seats. 

November 5 // An Evening with Diana Nyad
In 2013, badass athlete extraordinaire, Diana Nyad, swam from Havana to Key West-- making her the only swimmer to ever successfully swim the distance without a shark cage. This month she is speaking with actress Marcia Cross at an event at New Roads School as part of the Live Talks Los Angeles series. This woman is the definition of inspiration, and we can't wait to hear what she has to say.

November 14 // Beginners Watercolor Calligraphy
Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete is one of our absolute favorite calligraphers. Her work has a very particular aesthetic and a witty, playful style. This month she's teaching a watercolor calligraphy workshop in Fullerton. Guests will go home with all the supplies to begin doing some calligraphy work of their own.

November 21 // Holiday Wreaths + Flower Crowns with Farmgirl Flowers
Learn how to make all your own wreaths and floral decor for this holiday season from Jayne Kim of Farmgirl Flowers. You choose your own florals, and they provide all the supplies. You've just got to bring your holiday spirit. (Oh, and the event is at The Line Hotel at 2pm, which is a mighty good excuse to go to Commissary for brunch beforehand. Just sayin'.)

LA Floral Watercolor Workshop with Mon Voir

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Recently we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with the watercolor artist Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir at our Floral Watercolor Workshop.

We already knew Jenna is an immensely talented artist, but when we got to hang out with her we discovered that she is also witty and kind, humble, and a truly talented teacher. The things you can't tell from someone's Instagram feed.  

Jenna taught brushstroke techniques, how to bleed one color into another, and tricks to mixing the perfect shades. Did you know that with watercolor you never add white paint to lighten the hue? Instead you add water.

We had such fun watching our pages come alive with the movement of paint and water. We learned something too about the meditative qualities of painting in watercolor. As your brush moves slowly across the page, you find that your mind slows and expands too. You settle into something gentle and transformative.

While we experimented with blending colors and creating floral shapes, the champagne flowed, and we snacked on the most delicious Huckleberry pastries.

It was a perfect fairytale of a creative afternoon. Thanks to all the ladies who made it so special.

Event Coordination + Hosts: Nourish Events LA
Instructor: Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir
Photography: Brandi Welles Photography
Venue: Hatch Studios
Décor: Nourish Events LA
Food: Huckleberry Cafe

October Creative Events

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Now Open // The Broad Museum
The museum that houses Eli and Edythe Broad's contemporary art collection is now open. While tickets are free, you do have to register for a time slot on their website, and they are fully reserved for many a week. So book yourself a DTLA art rendezvous for sometime in late November, and it will be a welcome surprise when the day finally rolls around.

October 11  // Grainfree Afternoon Tea Workshop
Sweet Laurel has the best company motto: "It's about loving the food you eat instead of punishing yourself for craving it." They're best known for their custom layer cakes that are all paleo. For this workshop, Sweet Laurel is teaming up with Alicia Henry of Naked Sage for an intimate vegan afternoon tea workshop and tea ceremony. They'll chat about the grainfree pantry and grainfree baking techniques-- something I'm sure my family would be very pleased if I actually mastered.  

October 11 // Brentwood Art Festival
Located on San Vicente between Barrington and Bundy, this festival gathers artists of all kinds to showcase their work at a family-friendly outdoor gallery of sorts. The fair has been around since 1994, and it is hosted twice a year. But we have to admit, this'll be our first time scoping it out. There will be a food truck lineup and activities for the kids including hands-on art projects. (10 am- 5pm)

October 24 // Basket Weaving Workshop 
I love how Poketo describes this workshop, which will be hosted at their outpost in The Line Hotel: "In this 6-hr workshop, each student will learn to start a coil and shape a basket with locally foraged pine needles by using the swirling stitch with sustainably grown cotton yarn. The process is to gather, share stories, and weave your story into a vessel that can hold small objects." It sounds so intimate and a serious homage to more traditional times. 

Bri Emery of Design Lovefest has kept the details for this one pretty close to her chest, and as of yet she hasn't divulged very much information. All we know is, she and her very talented community of friends are putting on a jungle themed festival in late October. And they'll be selling macrame hammocks. But with Bri behind it, this is bound to be an event worth the wait. Keep your eyes peeled on her blog and IG for the final reveal.

October 29 - November 1 // Unique Camp
The Unique Camp is badass entrepreneur Sonja Rasula's masterful creation. Campers spend four days in the mountains of Big Bear unplugged from the rest of the world. Along with 200 other creatives, they'll attend workshops, eat s'mores, do some archery, attend a dance party on Halloween-- oh, and did we mention meet and mingle with some of the biggest names in creativity, entrepreneurship, and inspiration? It's like our heaven.

September Creative Events

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There's so much goodness happening around LA this month! Time to grab a pumpkin spice something-or-other to create a faux fall vibe and find the best environment for you to get creative. Here are some of our faves-- 

September 12 // Explorations in Watercolor at Poketo
We've been admiring Satsuki Shibuya's watercolor work from afar for months now. It's amazing how much emotion she can convey in abstract forms. Learn some of her tricks at her upcoming workshop collaboration with Poketo. 

September 13 // Lauren Randolph's Photography Workshop
We heard Lauren (@laurenlemon) speak on a panel last week, and let me tell you-- the girl is about as genuine as they get. She isn't afraid to be vulnerable, and it makes her a captivating and engaging speaker. She has a fine art background, and her images are simply stunning, so it's no surprise that she has worked with some big name brands (like Disney!) She's a rockstar. 

September 17 // Slideshow Night at Annenberg
The Annenberg is an amazing artistic hub here in LA, but we find it often gets overlooked. This Slideshow Night would be a great moment to venture over and explore what they have to offer, while getting a full show of their current exhibit: Emerging. Don't forget to take a photo in their "Anti-Gravity Chamber" while you're there. Oh, and the parking garage is a bit of a maze. A piece of advice: take a photo of the number by your parking space. Otherwise you have no hope. 

September 22 // Liz Gilbert's Book Big Magic Is Released
Finally! We've been waiting for this moment. Very, very soon we'll post a blog about this book. If you're anything like us (i.e. anxiously awaiting you pre-order's arrival) you can get a little preview through Liz's new podcast, Magic Lessons where she coaches creatives through dry spells in their productivity. She'll be coming to LA the first week of October-- so mission of the month is to read her book before she gets here, so we can ask some good questions at her talk!

September 27 // Floral Watercolor Workshop - Nourish Events LA x Mon Voir
Floral watercolor is cropping up everywhere right now: on wedding invitations, menus, greeting cards, and wall art. It has seriously inspired us to start painting. So we teamed up with calligrapher and watercolor extraordinaire Mon Voir to bring her Floral Watercolor Workshop to West LA. We can't wait to learn her magic in the company of some lovely ladies. Delicious snacks, special gifts, and good company guaranteed. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

September 29 // Cheryl Strayed, Author of Wild, Speaks at Chapman University
We're so looking forward to this chance to listen to Cheryl Strayed speak this month, even if Chapman is a bit of a trek. Let's be real, Cheryl Strayed is worth the drive. She'll be speaking on the impact of the wilderness on our lives and discussing ways we can stay more connected to this part of the world. There's a food truck rally and community yoga session two hours prior to the event. Sounds like all of our favorite things in one place. And this is one that we may even be able to get our guys to join us for. Believe it or not, rewilding is a hot topic in our house. 


That's all for this month. LOTS already on the docket for October... but one month at a time, right? Hope to see you out there!

xx, Lorena 

Floral Watercolor Workshop - West LA

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We've been swooning over Jenna Rainey's watercolor and calligraphy work for months. If you aren't following her already, you absolutely should be. Her work has a certain aura of grace—it's like visual poetry. We could get lost in the intricate simplicity of her floral watercolors. She makes magic happen on paper, and we're dying to learn some of her tricks.

So we're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Jenna to bring a Floral Watercolor Workshop to LA.

We'd love to invite you to come spend your Sunday afternoon with us--- creating a piece of art, exploring a new creative outlet, and enjoying conversation with like-minded people.

There'll be giveaways, raffles, and yummy treats to munch on all in Hatch Studios' rustic-meets-urban space.

At Nourish Events LA our mission is to inspire creative communities through every workshop, party, and retreat we host. We look forward to welcoming you to the NELA community, celebrating creativity on a lovely autumn afternoon, and getting nourished with you all.



August Creative Events

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Is anyone else baffled at the fact that it is August already? There're only five months 'til Christmas! Okay, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. But seriously. Time is going far too fast.

Here's our monthly round-up of some events around LA that we're excited about. A couple workshops, a couple outdoor movie screenings, and one of our favorite events of the year: the Unique LA Summer Market. Rumor on the street is that if you go to the market on Saturday, your wristband will get your into a pretty sweet party later on. 

Enjoy the last full month of summer! We hope you're able to find some time to be creative and seek out events and environments that will inspire you!


August 6 // Stokeshare x Toms
StokeShare, a Venice-based company, will be screening a surf film at Toms Flagship on Abbot Kinney. StokeShare is like Air Bnb for outdoor gear. Want to go surfing or camping for the weekend but don't have equipment? No worries, you can rent it with their online platform. (We're in love.)

August 8 // Sand Art Workshop with Studio DIY and Clashist
The LA lady who loves fun, bright colors, and crafts, Studio DIY, is bringing a sand art workshop to the Clashist Pop-Up space. Your $10 ticket covers your supplies and mimosa!

August 8 – 9 // Unique LA Summer Market
You don't want to miss this one. Whether you're going to the market to source gifts for all your friends or to meet some of the forerunners in the creative community and sample free kombucha, there's something here for everyone to love-- yes, even your husband who is convinced you're trying to drag him to a 'craft fair.' Ladies, you can assure your husbands, this is so much more than a craft fair. There's a $10 cash-only entry fee.

August 15 // Bonnie Tsang Workshop
The amazing food photographer and visual curator Bonnie Tsang (who was recently invited to the White House by Michelle Obama to preview the Obama State China Service!-- whhhat?!?) will be teaching a workshop on Visual Social Media at Potek Winery. Students will learn how to craft a unique visual style and get the most out of social media. You can also sign up for a pop-up dinner with Full of Life Flat Bread to follow.

August 21 // Pep Rally at Unique Space featuring Max Wanger
Max Wanger is the photographic master of simplicity and negative space, and he's the featured guest at this month's Unique Space Pep-Rally. We'll be there with bells and whistles. 

August 29 // The Virgin Suicides Screening
Round up your girlfriends and pack your picnic basket for the outdoor screening of Virgin Suicides with Cinespia.


See you out there!

xx, Lorena 

Nourished at Toms - Gertrude Stein Salon

Nourish Events LAComment

A few days ago we hosted our Gertrude Stein Salon at Toms Flagship on Abbot Kinney. It was a beautiful event to mark the beginning of Nourish Events LA's upcoming collection of workshops and parties.

We spread blankets on the back lawn, lit the fireplace, served affogatos, and sat in a circle with some of our favorite people, discussing a poem. We debated the difference between 'freedom' and 'liberation' and tried to make sense of the line "If your dog stays out of the room, you get the fleas."  (Any thoughts?)

A big, huge, heartfelt thank you to all who came out. We can't wait to have you all in the same space again very soon.

With love,

Creative Events in LA this July

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Events and Workshops in LA July 2015

Shakespeare anyone? Bring a picnic and enjoy a modern rock Romeo and Juliet play. It is a free event, however donations are welcome.

Do you have an idea for an intriguing podcast, but don't know how to start producing it? Song Exploder will spill his know-hows in his upcoming class at Poketo. Sign up for the class here.

Step up your social media game with Design Lovefest. We took her class in April and we learned so much good stuff. Sign up soon as tickets sell out fast.

Come chat with the Venice community about one of our favorite prose poems over Toms drip coffee and Sweet Rose Creamery ice cream. This is the very first event we're hosting, and it is free! More info here and RSVP.

We swoon over Maybelle Imasa's calligraphy. Her calligraphy kit is gorgeous too. We've taken her class in the past, and she is the one of the best teachers to help you ease your way into calligraphy. Reserve your seat here.

Cinespia presents an old and trustworthy favorite, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the beloved Hollywood Forever Cemetery. 

These are just some of our favorites happening this month around LA. What other fun events are out there? Share with the community in the comments below.

Meet Lorena

Nourish Events LA1 Comment

Hi there!

Lorena here. I thought I'd share a little bit about myself with you all. Here it goes…

As the third child in a family of four girls, I always seemed to march to the beat of my own drum. In my grade school days, I was the only girl in the neighborhood who played with mud and earthworms after a rainy day. Then in my teens I wore ripped jeans and vintage clothing, regularly getting into mischief. As the years go by, I find that I still hold onto that youthful disposition. I hope it stays with me always.

I’ve learned many things through the years: be true to myself above all else, strive for more, love fully, and carry myself with grace. There’s a stubborn fire in my belly that compels me to keep going and to reach for more. I have an insatiable curiosity and a yearning to experience the unknown. And I'm a huge believer in enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Translation: I will eat ice cream no matter the weather.

I'm the solopreneur of Nourish Events LA, which means I oversee all the nitty-gritty business aspects of the company and curate beautiful events.  I'm contented and bewildered by this new venture. I feel blessed to be following my dreams: living courageously as an entrepreneur.  This is the beautiful beginning of an amazing journey!