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A little bit of our backstory

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Hi everyone! Chelsea here. Before we launch into what we hope will be a blog full of adventure, musings, and inspiration, I wanted to share a little bit of my story and why Nourish is so close to my heart. 

I moved to LA three years ago with my boyfriend, Pete. We packed my VW until it was nearly dragging on the ground, and we spent a month driving the perimeter of the country. The trip was long but so beautiful. I read to Pete as he drove. Most nights we slept in our tent in national parks, under the stars, amidst bears, red desert sand, and buffalo herds. We spent our days hiking and riding bicycles.

When we finally arrived in LA, the city was a bit of a shock. After so much time in the forest, to be surrounded by highways and blaring horns and billboards was jarring. Pete launched into his grad school program at UCLA right away. Soon he was busy with classes, soccer practice, and paper writing. But I felt a bit lost.

You see—I'm a people person at my core. When I was younger I'd schedule overlapping playdates so I'd always have people around. And in college I'd have friends over to "co-exist" as we'd write papers, silent, but knowing we were in good company.

So I longed to make friends in my new city, friends who would join me for coffee dates, after-work jogs, and binge-watching marathons of GIRLS. I wanted to make friends who loved reading and writing and creating and thinking and crafting and designing. I wanted to meet creative and curious people. But week after week passed, and still I wasn't finding them.

Over the next two years I slowly grew to love LA. I made two beautiful friends, Lorena and Helen, with whom I can talk about books, wander around museums, go on coffee dates, and practice yoga. We'd like to share our friendship and the things we love with you. 

We have so much in store for the months ahead. There'll be scrapbooking parties, slumber parties, Sunday supper clubs, workshops on calligraphy, watercolor, card making, fiction writing, photography, and so much more. Do these events pique your interest, or do you have another idea you'd like to create with us? Drop us a note; we'd love to hear. 

We can't wait to meet you, to learn your story, and invite you to get nourished with us. 

Until then—

Love C.