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LA Floral Watercolor Workshop with Mon Voir

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Recently we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with the watercolor artist Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir at our Floral Watercolor Workshop.

We already knew Jenna is an immensely talented artist, but when we got to hang out with her we discovered that she is also witty and kind, humble, and a truly talented teacher. The things you can't tell from someone's Instagram feed.  

Jenna taught brushstroke techniques, how to bleed one color into another, and tricks to mixing the perfect shades. Did you know that with watercolor you never add white paint to lighten the hue? Instead you add water.

We had such fun watching our pages come alive with the movement of paint and water. We learned something too about the meditative qualities of painting in watercolor. As your brush moves slowly across the page, you find that your mind slows and expands too. You settle into something gentle and transformative.

While we experimented with blending colors and creating floral shapes, the champagne flowed, and we snacked on the most delicious Huckleberry pastries.

It was a perfect fairytale of a creative afternoon. Thanks to all the ladies who made it so special.

Event Coordination + Hosts: Nourish Events LA
Instructor: Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir
Photography: Brandi Welles Photography
Venue: Hatch Studios
DΓ©cor: Nourish Events LA
Food: Huckleberry Cafe