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Meet Lorena

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Hi there!

Lorena here. I thought I'd share a little bit about myself with you all. Here it goes…

As the third child in a family of four girls, I always seemed to march to the beat of my own drum. In my grade school days, I was the only girl in the neighborhood who played with mud and earthworms after a rainy day. Then in my teens I wore ripped jeans and vintage clothing, regularly getting into mischief. As the years go by, I find that I still hold onto that youthful disposition. I hope it stays with me always.

I’ve learned many things through the years: be true to myself above all else, strive for more, love fully, and carry myself with grace. There’s a stubborn fire in my belly that compels me to keep going and to reach for more. I have an insatiable curiosity and a yearning to experience the unknown. And I'm a huge believer in enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Translation: I will eat ice cream no matter the weather.

I'm the solopreneur of Nourish Events LA, which means I oversee all the nitty-gritty business aspects of the company and curate beautiful events.  I'm contented and bewildered by this new venture. I feel blessed to be following my dreams: living courageously as an entrepreneur.  This is the beautiful beginning of an amazing journey!