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September Creative Events

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There's so much goodness happening around LA this month! Time to grab a pumpkin spice something-or-other to create a faux fall vibe and find the best environment for you to get creative. Here are some of our faves-- 

September 12 // Explorations in Watercolor at Poketo
We've been admiring Satsuki Shibuya's watercolor work from afar for months now. It's amazing how much emotion she can convey in abstract forms. Learn some of her tricks at her upcoming workshop collaboration with Poketo. 

September 13 // Lauren Randolph's Photography Workshop
We heard Lauren (@laurenlemon) speak on a panel last week, and let me tell you-- the girl is about as genuine as they get. She isn't afraid to be vulnerable, and it makes her a captivating and engaging speaker. She has a fine art background, and her images are simply stunning, so it's no surprise that she has worked with some big name brands (like Disney!) She's a rockstar. 

September 17 // Slideshow Night at Annenberg
The Annenberg is an amazing artistic hub here in LA, but we find it often gets overlooked. This Slideshow Night would be a great moment to venture over and explore what they have to offer, while getting a full show of their current exhibit: Emerging. Don't forget to take a photo in their "Anti-Gravity Chamber" while you're there. Oh, and the parking garage is a bit of a maze. A piece of advice: take a photo of the number by your parking space. Otherwise you have no hope. 

September 22 // Liz Gilbert's Book Big Magic Is Released
Finally! We've been waiting for this moment. Very, very soon we'll post a blog about this book. If you're anything like us (i.e. anxiously awaiting you pre-order's arrival) you can get a little preview through Liz's new podcast, Magic Lessons where she coaches creatives through dry spells in their productivity. She'll be coming to LA the first week of October-- so mission of the month is to read her book before she gets here, so we can ask some good questions at her talk!

September 27 // Floral Watercolor Workshop - Nourish Events LA x Mon Voir
Floral watercolor is cropping up everywhere right now: on wedding invitations, menus, greeting cards, and wall art. It has seriously inspired us to start painting. So we teamed up with calligrapher and watercolor extraordinaire Mon Voir to bring her Floral Watercolor Workshop to West LA. We can't wait to learn her magic in the company of some lovely ladies. Delicious snacks, special gifts, and good company guaranteed. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

September 29 // Cheryl Strayed, Author of Wild, Speaks at Chapman University
We're so looking forward to this chance to listen to Cheryl Strayed speak this month, even if Chapman is a bit of a trek. Let's be real, Cheryl Strayed is worth the drive. She'll be speaking on the impact of the wilderness on our lives and discussing ways we can stay more connected to this part of the world. There's a food truck rally and community yoga session two hours prior to the event. Sounds like all of our favorite things in one place. And this is one that we may even be able to get our guys to join us for. Believe it or not, rewilding is a hot topic in our house. 


That's all for this month. LOTS already on the docket for October... but one month at a time, right? Hope to see you out there!

xx, Lorena