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One Whole Life

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Everyone meet Lindsey Erin – someone you definitely want to know! She is an established photographer, designer, private chef, artist, and an innovative entrepreneur among many other great things. This woman seems to do it all, she’s quite inspiring to say the least. We are so happy to collaborate with her and announce that Lindsey will be a sponsor for our upcoming Nourished Hot Mamas workshop where she will be serving some of her incredible smoothies. We can’t wait to share them and workout our cores with you and Julie Turner, our instructor and movement extraordinaire!

Lindsey’s taken her skills as a chef to another level and has created her own company called OWL Venice. One Whole Life. I love the name because it’s a reminder that our life is one.  We only get one chance to live, to prosper, to create, to love, and to live this wonderful thing called life. And shouldn’t we do it to our best ability and enjoy the ride with great health? Our health is the most valuable thing we can posses, without it we wouldn’t be able to live one whole happy life.

Six years ago, after Lindsey’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her own health took a dive due to digestive issues and allergies, Lindsey began her journey searching for holistic nutrition that would minimize the risk of disease. This is how OWL was created and how it grew from Lindsey’s insatiable curiosity to find healthy foods that would help us live rich and vibrant lives. OWL sells plant-based, organic, and locally sourced food products online, but occasionally you’ll also find Lindsey with the OWL team at local farmer’s markets. OWL features tasty elixirs, cleanses, and deliciously prepared meals that are anti-inflammatory and rich with protein and vitamins. After much nutritional research, she’s managed to create the perfect elixirs to keep our bodies feeling their best. Her elixirs are bone broths that are stewed for endless hours, with a dash of spices, and a pinch of love. They have been a great success in improving digestion and have become OWL’s signature flagship product. We champion Lindsey for her accomplishments and many talents. Make sure to visit her website (you won’t regret it) as it can change your life.  Remember, we only get one!

Cheers to living well!