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In the Moment, A Watercolor Workshop

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We had the pleasure of attending Satsuki Shibuya’s solo exhibition, FLOW, at the beautifully curated boutique Poketo last summer and we knew then that we had to collaborate at some future time. Well, with her upcoming book Moment the timing couldn’t be more perfect! 

We are so thrilled to team up with Satsuki in our upcoming workshop, In the Moment, A Watercolor Workshop, happening on August 6th. Satsuki is a super talented artist with instillations and exhibits displayed in the United States and abroad. She transmits her energy into her paintings, which gives them light, life, and movement. What we love most about her paintings is how they inspire us to reflect on ourselves and contemplate on the way we want to live our lives. 

In our workshop Satsuki will speak and teach us about the importance of being present when we create art and to truly experience each moment we live. She has a kindred spirit and a beautiful heart. We can’t wait to see her process at work, join us!

Make sure you follow Satsuki and be delighted by her paintings everyday @satsukishibuya. You’re sure to get inspired to create beautiful things and make you smile!