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We’ve got an innovative series of events in store that will bring people together and build a community - a Nourished Circle - where we can work together, share ideas, sprout from them, collaborate, build lasting friendships, and a space where we can genuinely share all bits of our lives. We are a complex and brilliant bunch with our very own individuality, many opinions, and lots to say.

Each gathering will be very different, all unique, and creatively designed. Let's gather, connect, and support one another in the most nourishing way. We can't wait to make some magic and share these special moments with you. Join the circle and get nourished with us!

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Garden Tea Party

Tea always makes us feel good. For many, tea tends to take us back to our childhood when our mom would make a cup of tea for us when we were sick. In essence, it takes us back to a memory or warmth and love. As adults now, we drink tea on the daily, not just for medicinal purposes, but also for our enjoyment. There’s truly nothing better than to hold a hot cup of tea in both hands in the morning or while cuddled up in bed and reading a book, isn’t there? In many countries drinking tea is a social affair, you can find teahouses in every other corner in Scotland, England, and all over Asia. So we decided to bring the trend to this part of the world, more specifically, to a small beach town called Venice in LA. We’re having a Tea Party!

This Tea Party, partly inspired by our travels and undeniably by Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit is sure to be an eclectic one. We’ll have lots of meaningful chatter, tea to pass around, and pretty pottery to enjoy!

Join the Nourished Circle in the tea garden and be surrounded with caring and interesting people. After all, what’s more nourishing than having tea with great company?

Don’t be late and RSVP for the tea party, we can't wait to see you there!

Date: Sun 4/30

Time: 1pm-3pm

Place: IDV (Ilan Dei Venice)

Address: 1650 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Parking: Parking lot across the street (next to Erewhon) or free street parking

Host: Nourish Events LA 

Cost: $20