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We’ve got an innovative series of events in store that will bring people together and build a community - a Nourished Circle - where we can work together, share ideas, sprout from them, collaborate, build lasting friendships, and a space where we can genuinely share all bits of our lives. We are a complex and brilliant bunch with our very own individuality, many opinions, and lots to say.

Each gathering will be very different, all unique, and creatively designed. Let's gather, connect, and support one another in the most nourishing way. We can't wait to make some magic and share these special moments with you. Join the circle and get nourished with us!

Bon Voyage to Summer Beach Picnic


Soon Summer will only be a magical memory, so let’s go out with a bang and say Bon Voyage to Summer in the best way we know how, by the beach, with a bit of sun, lavish boho towels and blankets, artisanal pillows, and a beautiful spread of tasty food shared with old and new friends. Sit around with us and meet other like-minded folks for interesting conversations and a great evening!

Don’t miss out, each guest will get a Nourish Tote Bag with lots of cool swag from notable brands and makers. Let’s get one more memorable event in before we say good-bye to hot days, cut-off shorts, and cropped tops. #nourishedcircle

Come dig your toes in the sand and picnic with us! Make sure you reserve your spot!

Date:  Sat 9/16

Time:  4-7pm

Place:  Santa Monica Beach

(map will be sent to guests)

Hosts:  Nourish Events LA

Cost:   $22.00    


A special thanks to all of our sponsors.

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