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We love helping local businesses cultivate their own communities. 

What kind of events are we talking about here? 
Some of the most successful coffee shops in the city host events that have little to do with coffee. They host creative workshops, early-morning yoga, and movie showings in their space. 

Apparel shops host pop-up art shows with champagne and chair massages; gyms host neighborhood walking groups and farmer's markets, and office campuses host Book Clubs and Lunch & Learn Workshops. 

It boils down to this: in our hyper-digital society, people seek opportunities to connect with like-minded folks and experience new things. And people will champion the companies that create these opportunities for them. 

What kind of small businesses do you work with?
We create events for small businesses in all industries, taking special care to ensure that we work solely with companies that have nourishing company cultures.

Reach out
Tell us a little bit about your target demographic, and we'll help you curate events that will inspire your community, build brand loyalty, and create a buzz on social media. 

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